Point of Sale, Bookings, Customer Management Terms of Service

This document outlines the terms and conditions for using enhanced services associated with Liaison Point of Sale and Customer Relationship Management System. By utilizing services such as Point of Sale, Customer Directory and Receipts, Email and Text Message Marketing, Loyalty, Gift Cards, Staff, Messages, Appointments, Website, Invoices, and other related products and services (collectively referred to as the “Services”), you are agreeing to comply with the General Terms, these Additional Product Terms, and any other applicable terms, policies, and guidelines, including Payment Terms if you process payments through Liaison. If you are accessing the Services on behalf of a company, your company is also bound by these terms. All defined terms are consistent with those outlined in the General Terms.

1. Customer Management and Messaging Programs

Our services provide tools for you to manage and communicate with your customers, including the ability to send transactional, marketing, or loyalty program messages. It is your responsibility to ensure that the messages you send are welcomed by your customers and that you comply with all applicable laws. Remember, do not spam your customers!

Additionally, our services offer ways for customers to give you feedback. This feature should be used appropriately and solely for receiving feedback, not for other purposes such as soliciting additional information or promotions.

You can use the Services to create, send, and manage marketing and other communications to your customers ("Buyers") who have chosen to receive updates from Liaison merchants or have directly provided you with their contact details. Liaison facilitates these communications through the Services, including through Liaison or its affiliates, but is not responsible for the content or management of your messages. You are accountable for the content of your messages, ensuring you have proper consent to send them, and respecting any privacy preferences your customers express. This responsibility persists even if your Liaison account is closed, suspended, or terminated.

You must not use purchased, rented, or third-party lists of email addresses or phone numbers for sending messages via the Services. All messages must be solicited by your customers. If you run a loyalty program through the Services, you must clearly communicate the terms and any exclusions from points eligibility to your Buyers.

Buyers may also provide feedback on their experiences via the Services, such as through digital receipts. We share this feedback with you, and if a Buyer has allowed responses, you may reply to their feedback. However, you must not use the feedback system to: (a) Respond to Buyers who haven't opted to receive replies, (b) Request Buyer Card Information, (c) Send marketing messages or other unrelated communications, (d) Send abusive, harassing, excessive, or objectionable messages.

If you encounter issues with feedback or wish not to receive it, please contact Liaison Support. You must ensure that all aspects of your transactional and marketing messages, loyalty programs, and any related promotions are in compliance with relevant laws, including those related to privacy, prepaid cards, and special offers like rebates and coupons.

I. Messaging Services

A. Description: The Messaging Services provided by Liaison allow you to communicate with your customers via email and text messages. These services include Liaison Email Marketing, Liaison Text Message Marketing, and Liaison Messages ("Messages"), which encompass software and tools for managing communications with your Buyers. This can include features such as sending receipts, engaging through Liaison Loyalty, and additional functionalities through Messages Plus. Messages Plus, a premium aspect of Liaison Messages, offers enhanced features such as a dedicated Toll-Free Number (TFN) or a 10-Digit Long Code (10DLC), known collectively as a Dedicated Messaging Telephone Number (DMTN). These features may include inbound voicemails, voicemail transcription, and interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities such as keypress responses. It is important to note that the DMTN is designed solely for messaging and does not support two-way voice communication.

Liaison Messages is tailored for direct, one-to-one transactional messaging between a Seller and a Buyer, while Liaison Email and Text Message Marketing are intended for broader, one-to-many marketing communications between a Seller and multiple Buyers.

For clarity within these terms, "Liaison Messages" refers to all the functionalities and features provided under both Liaison Messages and Messages Plus unless specifically stated otherwise.

B. Eligibility: To use the Messaging Services, you must meet certain criteria: (i) adhere to all relevant laws related to eligibility for signing up and using the Messaging Services, and (ii) you should not have been previously suspended or removed from these or any other Liaison Services as outlined in the General Terms. Additionally, to set up a Liaison Messages account, you must be at least 18 years old and possess an activated Liaison Account for Payment Services within the United States.

Responsibility for the use of your account extends to all users, including employees, agents, contractors, or anyone else accessing the Services via your account. You are accountable for all activities conducted through your account.

C. Number Verification Process

When you register for Messages Plus or Text Message Marketing, you might need to provide details about your business, such as your business name, contact information, and website. You consent to Liaison sharing this information and any other data you've previously provided during your relationship with Liaison with our service providers to verify your Dedicated Messaging Telephone Number (DMTN) for use in Messages or Text Message Marketing.

It's crucial that you provide accurate and truthful information during signup, throughout the DMTN verification process, and continually while using Messages and Text Message Marketing. You must update your information upon our request. Liaison may contact you if there are any delays or issues during the verification process, but is not obligated to do so.

Liaison may attempt to verify a DMTN multiple times using the information you provide and might request additional information about your business to aid verification attempts. While we will make reasonable efforts to retry failed verifications, we cannot guarantee that verification will be successful. If we are unable to verify your DMTN, we will inform you and terminate your Messages Plus and/or Text Message Marketing account as necessary.

D. Number Restrictions

A DMTN provided through Liaison Messages is intended to facilitate one-to-one communications via text messaging, voicemail, and potentially other features. You agree to use the DMTN solely for these purposes and not for coordinated marketing messages to multiple recipients. If Liaison determines that the DMTN is being used inappropriately for marketing or mass messaging, we reserve the right to limit, suspend, or terminate your access to the DMTN.

Conversely, a DMTN provided for Text Message Marketing is specifically intended to support marketing campaigns involving messages sent to multiple recipients. The restrictions described above for Liaison Messages do not apply to DMTNs used for Text Message Marketing.

Please note that Liaison does not guarantee that the DMTN will be suitable for any specific purposes outside of Liaison Messages or Text Message Marketing. You are responsible for ensuring that any numbers you distribute comply with intended usage guidelines. The DMTN cannot support two-way voice communication or be used for any purpose requiring such capability, including emergency services or registrations requiring voice communication.

Furthermore, you may not use the DMTN to enroll in any third-party services that send texts, alerts, or messages such as reminders or notifications from other businesses, organizations, or subscription services. The DMTN should not be used for services that may lead to financial charges or related billing communications.

You are only permitted to use your DMTN to communicate with customers and potential customers from whom you have obtained appropriate consent under relevant marketing and communications laws. The DMTN should not be used for broad, one-to-many email or text marketing campaigns outside of Liaison Email and Text Message Marketing.

Liaison reserves the right to modify or reclaim any DMTNs assigned to you if you violate these terms or as required by law or regulation.

E. Service Availability

You acknowledge that the Messaging Services may occasionally suffer outages and disruptions that could stem from issues with telephone carriers, service providers, or vendors, which are beyond Liaison's control. While Liaison commits to addressing service disruptions promptly, we cannot guarantee continuous or uninterrupted availability of the Services at all times. You agree that Liaison will not be liable for any damages related to such service interruptions, disruptions, or outages.

Liaison may set rate limits, usage limits, and other restrictions on the Services as needed: (i) at our discretion; (ii) to meet obligations to carriers, vendors, and partners involved in delivering the Services; (iii) to maintain the integrity of our Services; (iv) to protect Liaison Sellers, Buyers, and other users; and/or (v) to comply with applicable laws, regulations, or law enforcement requests. While Liaison will endeavor to inform customers of any changes that significantly affect the operation of the Messaging Services, we are not obligated to provide such notifications. Liaison reserves the right to alter, deprecate, replace, deny access to, suspend, disable, or discontinue the Services, either in whole or in part, at our sole discretion.

F. Telephone Carrier Policies

Telecommunication providers may periodically update or amend their rules, requirements, and policies (collectively, “Carrier Policies”). You are responsible for adhering to all Carrier Policies applicable to your use of the Messaging Services. By using the Services, you acknowledge that non-compliance with Carrier Policies may result in the termination of your access to the Services.

Liaison is not liable for any damages that may arise from your failure to follow Carrier Policies or from any actions or inactions of telecommunications carriers, including their failure or refusal to deliver messages sent through the Services.

Furthermore, if Liaison incurs any fines from a carrier or regulatory body due to your non-compliance with applicable laws or Carrier Policies, Liaison may pass these fines onto you. You agree to pay any such fines attributed to your actions.

G. Emergency Calling and Messaging Not Supported

You understand and agree that the Messaging Services: (i) are not integrated with the Public Alert and Warning System; (ii) do not support or facilitate emergency services, such as calls or texts to 911 or enhanced 911 services, and cannot be relied upon to determine the physical location of you or your devices; (iii) are not substitutes for traditional voice services, telephone, or mobile phone services, specifically including any contact with emergency services, and should not be used as such.

H. Your Data

By utilizing the Messaging Services, you acknowledge and agree to our data practices as detailed in the Privacy Notice for Liaison Sellers and Website Visitors ("Privacy Notice"). This notice outlines how Liaison collects, uses, and safeguards personal information related to you and your customers. It is your responsibility to review the Privacy Notice thoroughly before using the Services.

Liaison retains the right to withhold, remove, or discard any data or content sent through, stored on, or otherwise associated with the Messaging Services and/or your Liaison Messages account ("Messages Content"), at our discretion, without notice, if it is deemed inappropriate or in violation of these Terms or if required by law. Please note that Liaison is under no obligation to store, maintain, or provide you with a copy of any Messages Content that you or others provide during the use of the Services.

II. Acceptable Use Policy

Your engagement with the Messaging Services must adhere to the acceptable use policy (“Messages AUP”), which Liaison may update periodically. Continued use of the Messaging Services following any updates signifies your acceptance of the revised policies.

Liaison retains the authority to suspend, terminate, or alter your access to the Services if you violate the Messages AUP, at our sole discretion.

(i) Compliance with Applicable Marketing and Communications Laws and Industry Guidelines

You are required to comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines concerning unsolicited communications and telemarketing. This includes, but is not limited to, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”), the Telemarketing Sales Rule (“TSR”), the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Acts (“CAN-SPAM”), and any applicable local, state, or federal laws (collectively referred to as “Applicable Marketing and Communications Laws”). Additionally, you must adhere to all Carrier Policies, including the latest Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (“CTIA”) Messaging Principles and Best Practices Guidelines, and any other industry standards or practices enforced by carriers.

You are solely responsible for:

  • Managing and maintaining lists of your Buyers and their data in compliance with Applicable Marketing and Communications Laws and Carrier Policies.
  • Notifying Buyers and obtaining necessary consents under Applicable Marketing and Communications Laws for using the Services, such as sending text messages.
  • Ensuring that all your transactional, marketing, and promotional efforts through the Services comply with Applicable Marketing and Communications Laws and Carrier Policies. This includes your Messages Content and any contests, raffles, sweepstakes, or similar activities.

You must ensure that your messages and communications strictly correspond to the scope of consent obtained from each Buyer. Additionally, you are obligated to respect and promptly honor any Buyer requests to unsubscribe or opt-out of receiving further messages, as well as adhere to any privacy preferences specified by Buyers, even if your Liaison Account is closed, suspended, or terminated.

While Liaison may offer guidance, templates, tools, or suggestions concerning the Messaging Services, these are provided for your convenience only. Liaison assumes no responsibility for your compliance with this Acceptable Use Policy. It remains your responsibility to ensure compliance with all legal requirements, including providing opt-out instructions in your messages. It is advisable to consult with independent legal counsel to confirm that your transactional and marketing practices and Messages Content fulfill your obligations under Applicable Marketing and Communications Laws and Carrier Policies.

(ii) Data and Use Restrictions

The Messaging Services are not designed for the transmission of certain types of sensitive information, including but not limited to:

  • Sensitive personal information
  • Personal health information ("PHI") as defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ("HIPAA")
  • Cardholder data ("CHD"), such as primary account numbers ("PAN") and personal identification numbers ("PIN")
  • Sensitive authentication data ("SAD"), including card verification codes (e.g., CVC, CVV, CID)
  • Customer proprietary network information
  • Nonpublic personal information governed by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act ("GLBA") or similar financial privacy and data protection laws
  • Sensitive personal information as defined under the California Privacy Rights Act ("CPRA")
  • Government identifiers that uniquely identify a natural person, like social security numbers or passport numbers

You are prohibited from requesting or transmitting any information that falls into these categories through the Messaging Services. Additionally, you must not process payment transactions using CHD or SAD received via the Messaging Services.

You are responsible for ensuring that your use of the Messaging Services complies with all applicable laws related to the collection or use of the aforementioned types of information. This includes adherence to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards ("PCI-DSS") and any applicable Network Rules. You must also cooperate with forensic investigations as required by Liaison or its partners.

Furthermore, you agree not to engage in any activities that could disrupt the proper functioning of the Services, restrict access to or use of the Services by other customers, or place an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the infrastructure of Liaison, our partners, vendors, and telephone carriers.

(iii) Third Party Services and Integrations

You are restricted from using the Messaging Services in conjunction with any third-party services or integrations, unless they are explicitly offered or officially supported by Liaison. If you have any questions regarding the compatibility or integration of third-party services, you should contact Liaison directly for guidance.

If you choose to use the Messaging Services, or any data derived from them, with a third-party service—whether through an integration provided by Liaison or otherwise—you assume full responsibility for your use of that third-party service. This includes any actions involving the disclosure or processing of Buyer data through such third-party service. It is important to understand that using any third-party service in connection with the Messaging Services is entirely at your own risk.

Liaison explicitly disclaims any liability for your use of third-party services in relation to the Messaging Services. Furthermore, Liaison is not responsible for the functionality, security, availability, or operation of any third-party service. You must exercise due diligence and caution when selecting and using third-party services to ensure they meet your requirements and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

(iv) Prohibited Uses and Content

You are prohibited from using the Messaging Services, or from encouraging, promoting, facilitating, or instructing others to use the Services, to send messages that contain, offer, promote, reference, or link to any content or information related to industries unsupported by Liaison as specified in Section 3 of the Liaison Payment Terms. This section is incorporated herein by reference and may be updated periodically.

Additionally, you agree not to use the Services, nor to encourage, promote, facilitate, or instruct others to use the Services, for sending messages that contain, offer, promote, reference, or link to any content prohibited by Carrier Policies or Applicable Marketing and Communications Laws, or that involve any of the following categories:

  • Illegal, Fraudulent, or Harmful Activities: This includes any activities that are unlawful, infringe on the rights of others, or could harm others, Liaison, or its operations. Examples include:

    • Illegal lotteries or promotions violating laws or Carrier Policies on gambling, contests, and sweepstakes.
    • Activities involving illegal goods or services, including items used for illegal activities.
    • Child sexual abuse material (CSAM), child pornography, or content sexually exploiting children.
    • Content categorized as "SHAFT-C" (Sex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco, and Cannabis) as per the CTIA Short Code Monitoring Guidelines.
    • Phishing, pharming activities, scams, fraud, and malicious content like malware or viruses.
    • Fireworks or other explosive materials.
  • Infringing Content: Content that potentially infringes on the intellectual property, privacy, or proprietary rights of others, or that could be considered libelous, slanderous, or defamatory.

  • Offensive or Violent Content: Content that Liaison deems inappropriate, offensive, harassing, abusive, or violent.

  • Evasive Content: Content designed to evade detection, monitoring, rate limits, and other content or service restrictions set by telecommunications providers or vendors. This includes the use of misspellings, "snowshoeing" (distributing similar messages across many phone numbers to overcome carrier filters or evade detection), and shared public URL shorteners like Bitly or TinyURL.

  • Spam: Messages sent using spam bots, altered or hidden email headers, false sender identifications, or assuming another's identity without permission.

You must not create false identities or mislead others about the identity of the sender or the origin of any messages or data. You are required to comply fully with all regulations and laws, ensuring that your use of the Messaging Services adheres strictly to these guidelines.

(v) Reporting

To address violations of this Policy, you may reach out to Liaison Support. You are obligated to notify us and provide necessary assistance if you become aware of any breach of this Policy, including but not limited to, improper or unauthorized use of a Dedicated Messaging Telephone Number (DMTN). Prompt reporting helps maintain the integrity and security of the Messaging Services.

(vi) Monitoring and Enforcement

While we reserve the right to monitor your content and investigate any potential violations of this Policy and the Terms of Service, we do not assume the obligation to do so. We have the authority to disable, suspend, or terminate access for any user, Messages Content, or resource that infringes upon these Terms or any other agreements associated with your use of the Services.

We may report activities we suspect to be illegal to law enforcement officials, regulatory authorities, or other pertinent third parties. This reporting might include sharing relevant customer information as necessary. Furthermore, we are prepared to cooperate with law enforcement agencies, regulators, or other relevant third parties to support the investigation and prosecution of unlawful behavior. This cooperation may involve providing information related to alleged violations of this Policy or other pertinent laws or regulations, aiding in addressing illegal activities effectively.

2. Gift Cards

As a Liaison user who offers gift cards to your customers, you are designated as both the issuer and administrator of these gift cards. It is your responsibility to ensure all gift card practices comply with applicable laws governing gift cards.

Location Specific Redemption: If you operate multiple business locations, the redemption of gift cards is restricted to the store where they were initially issued, unless you manage all locations under a single Liaison account. If you do not use a single Liaison account for multiple locations, you need to order and manage gift cards separately for each location, and clearly indicate the specific business location on each gift card.

E-Gift Cards: When offering e-gift cards, they can be listed for sale in public directories such as giveandgetlocal.com and on websites of Liaison partners, unless you choose to disable this feature in your Gift Card Settings tab.

Card Functionality: Gift cards you sell are considered “closed loop,” meaning they can only be redeemed for your goods and services. You are required to pay Liaison's fees for each issuance of a gift card, along with any order, printing, shipping, and initial and subsequent load fees. These fees support the technological infrastructure necessary for maintaining your gift card program, including features such as online sales, bulk sales, group gifting, balance checking, and gift card analytics.

Fees and Limits: You are visible to all load fee rates within your Liaison Dashboard. Liaison does not charge fees on the redemption of gift cards. Additionally, you cannot impose fees or charges on the issuance, maintenance, or redemption of gift cards. Gift cards cannot be issued with a value exceeding $2,000, nor can a card be reloaded in a manner that the total loaded amount in a single day exceeds $2,000. The issuance limit is $10,000 per person per day. Gift cards issued by you must not have an expiration date, and any remaining balance must be available until fully redeemed, even if your Liaison account is closed, suspended, or terminated.

Refunds and Excess Purchases: You may not offer cash refunds or cash back on gift card purchases unless mandated by law. If a purchase exceeds the gift card balance, the holder must cover the remaining amount with another form of payment.

Ownership and Liability: All gift cards and the funds associated with them are your property. You bear all responsibilities and liabilities for the use or misuse of the gift cards, including any third-party claims related to the gift cards.

Legal Compliance: You must ensure that all practices related to your gift cards adhere to federal, state, and local regulations, including but not limited to, notice and disclosure requirements, managing unclaimed property (tracking, reporting, and remitting unclaimed balances), and providing customer service to both buyers and holders of the gift cards.

3. Liaison Online & Bookings

I. eCommerce/booking Terms

Our eCommerce/booking services are designed to enable you to sell products and services online and collect payments from your customers.

You bear full responsibility for all aspects associated with running your eCommerce/booking business, which includes, but is not limited to, tax obligations, order fulfillment, product delivery, issuing refunds, handling product claims and warranties, managing customer service, maintaining your site’s terms and policies, and ensuring legal compliance.

A. eCommerce/booking Activities: The Services provided include features like Online Store and other eCommerce/booking tools that enable you to sell goods and services through websites hosted and/or designed by Liaison ("Commercial Products"). These tools also help you to collect payments from your customers and end users ("Your eCommerce/booking Activities"). You agree that we are not responsible for any aspect of Your eCommerce/booking Activities, nor for compliance with any related laws or regulations. This includes:

  • Taxes: You are solely responsible for all tax-related duties including calculating, collecting, reporting, and remitting the appropriate taxes; notifying customers of tax obligations; providing tax invoices as required by law; monitoring and complying with distance sale thresholds, and registering for indirect taxes in applicable countries. You acknowledge that any tax estimates, reports, invoices, or other tax-related materials provided by us ("Tax Materials") are for informational purposes only, and should not be relied upon for tax compliance. We do not provide tax advice.

  • Fulfillment, Delivery, and Refunds: You are solely responsible for fulfilling and delivering all orders. You must also maintain a clear refund policy for your customers. If you engage in On-Demand Delivery services, you agree to adhere to the specific terms associated with those services.

  • Product and Service Claims and Warranties: You are responsible for any claims and warranties associated with your products or services. Liaison is not liable for any claims made against you by customers or end users.

  • Customer Service: You are solely responsible for handling any customer complaints, inquiries, or comments related to Your eCommerce/booking Activities, including issues related to payments, promotions, refunds, chargebacks, or product and service satisfaction. You must ensure that your contact information is accurate and easily accessible on your eCommerce/booking platforms.

  • Site Terms, Policies, and Legal Compliance: You are required to clearly post privacy and cookie policies, along with any other necessary terms or policies, on your eCommerce/booking sites as required by applicable law. You must ensure that all your eCommerce/booking activities comply with relevant consumer laws, eCommerce/booking regulations, and other applicable legislation. We are not liable for any omission or non-compliance regarding these policies and terms, and we do not offer legal advice in these areas.

It is critical to manage all these responsibilities diligently as they are crucial for the lawful and effective operation of your eCommerce/booking activities under Liaison’s platform.

B. eCommerce/booking Restrictions: In alignment with the Additional Product Terms, General Terms, and Payment Terms, you are prohibited from offering or selling any Commercial Products that:

  • Are illegal or potentially illegal, including items that are counterfeited, stolen, or fraudulent. All Commercial Products sold using the Services must adhere to applicable laws and regulations related to intellectual property, trade secrets, privacy or publicity rights, consumer protection, product safety, trade regulations, export controls, and sanctions.

  • Infringe or have the potential to infringe on the intellectual property or privacy rights of others, or that could be considered libelous, slanderous, or defamatory.

  • We, in our discretion, find inappropriate, offensive, pornographic, sexually explicit, or violent.

  • Use images, names, or likenesses of any third party, including notable personalities or celebrities, without obtaining prior consent from the respective parties.

You must adhere to the terms and policies of the payment processor you use in your eCommerce/booking activities.

C. Third Party Payment Processors: While Liaison may primarily process your eCommerce/booking payments, we may also utilize third party payment processors to securely handle transactions associated with Your eCommerce/booking Activity. Your interactions and transactions with any third-party payment processor are governed by the terms and policies of that processor. Liaison does not control, nor are we liable for, the actions or policies of any third party payment processor, nor for any transactions you conduct through them. All third party payment processors are considered “Third Party Services” as defined in Section 25 of the General Terms.

It's crucial to fully understand and comply with these restrictions and guidelines to maintain the integrity of your eCommerce/booking operations and to avoid potential legal issues.

D. How we promote our Partners Liaison is committed to promoting the Liaison Booking Services in accordance with this Agreement and within the specified limitations. To enhance your business's online visibility and increase the number of appointments scheduled through the Liaison Booking Services, Liaison may, at its discretion, engage in partnerships with third-party websites and businesses. These partnerships may involve optimizing your business listings for search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), lead generation, social networking opportunities, and other strategies deemed appropriate by Liaison to drive traffic and usage of the Liaison Booking Services.

Liaison reserves the right to promote specific Partner Services through various online and offline channels, including but not limited to advertising platforms, social media channels, search engines (such as Google and Google AdWords), keyword advertising, Facebook Ads, Twitter, email newsletters, third-party marketplaces, partner websites or mobile applications, and Liaison's affiliates and their networks. These promotional efforts may include showcasing information about your business, such as your business name, scheduling details, menu, service descriptions, pricing, staff information, location, photos, and other relevant data related to your business.

Furthermore, Liaison may occasionally provide Clients with additional information about Partners, within the constraints outlined in this Agreement.

II. Your Content and Content Restrictions

You are responsible for all content that you upload, post, transmit, or otherwise make available through the Services. While you maintain ownership of this content, it is important to understand that we own and utilize non-personally identifiable eCommerce/booking transaction or behavioral data ("Platform Data") derived from your use of our Services to improve and operate the Services. We also have the right to preserve and disclose your content if legally required to do so by law.

Partners bear the responsibility of maintaining accurate, comprehensive, and non-misleading content on the Liaison Platform at all times. This encompasses information regarding Partner Services, pricing, staff availability, Cancellation Policies, No-Show Policies, and any other content relevant to the Partner's offerings. Partners are required to ensure the timely transfer of this information to Liaison by keeping their Partner Account on the Liaison Business Software updated consistently, including calendar availability.

Liaison retains the right to suspend or terminate any Partner Account if the Partner neglects to furnish this information promptly. This ensures that the information presented to clients via the Liaison Platform remains reliable and up-to-date, thereby fostering trust and transparency between Partners and their clientele.

Parter profile

The Online Partner Profile serves as a promotional tool for Partners to showcase their services on the Liaison Platform. Here are the key points regarding the Online Partner Profile:

  1. Book Now and Order Now Buttons: These buttons allow clients to directly access Partner Services. Book Now and Order Now buttons on the Liaison Platform may incur a new client fee.

  2. Responsibility for Button Links: Partners are accountable for using the correct button links. Liaison is not liable for any issues arising from the misuse of these links, including refunding any new client fees.

  3. Maintenance of Online Partner Profile: Partners are responsible for ensuring that their Online Partner Profile contains accurate and complete information, including updated contact details and relevant photographs that comply with applicable laws.

  4. Management of Profile Contents: Partners can manage and modify the contents of their Online Partner Profile through the "Online Booking" section of the Liaison Business Software.

  5. Transparency and Consent: Partners must obtain and record the consent of each employee and contractor whose details are advertised on the Liaison Platform. This includes details such as name, photograph, expertise, contact details, availability, and services offered. If an employee or contractor withdraws their consent, the Partner must promptly remove their details from the Liaison Booking Services.

By adhering to these guidelines, Partners can effectively leverage their Online Partner Profile to attract clients while ensuring compliance with privacy and consent requirements. The Partner agrees that their Online Partner Profile will not include any contact information, direct references, or links to the Partner or its website, app, platform, tool, or other digital properties, as well as those belonging to third parties.

Partner Profile Transparency and Consent

The Partner acknowledges and consents that they are responsible for securing and documenting the permission of each employee and contractor featured on the Liaison Platform and Liaison Widget. This includes personal details such as names, photos, expertise, contact information, availability, and services provided. Should any employee or contractor revoke their consent, the Partner is obligated to promptly remove their details from the Liaison Booking Services.

A. Content Ownership: You must manage and back up your content independently. While we take steps to ensure the security of the data on our platform, you are the primary caretaker of your content. We may preserve your content and, if required by law, disclose it to the appropriate governmental authority.

Our Services are intended to be used in a legal, safe, and productive manner. Therefore, we impose content restrictions to prevent misuse. Any violation of these restrictions can lead to suspension or deactivation of your account.

B. Content Restrictions: In addition to the overarching content guidelines detailed in the Additional Product Terms, the General Terms, and the Payment Terms, you must not engage in the following prohibited activities:

  • Harmful Content: Do not upload, post, transmit, or make available any content that is hateful, dehumanizing, unsolicited ("spam"), exploitative, or pornographic.
  • Endangering Minors: You must not harm minors in any way through your content.
  • Harassment: Engaging in stalking, bullying, or harassment of any kind is prohibited.
  • Impersonation: You are forbidden from impersonating any person or entity, or falsely stating or misrepresenting your affiliation with a person or entity.
  • Manipulation of Services: Do not forge headers or manipulate identifiers to disguise the origin of any content transmitted through the Services.
  • Disruption of Services: Avoid interfering with or disrupting the Services or networks connected to the Services.
  • Legal Compliance: You must adhere to all local, state, federal, or international laws and regulations.
  • Promotion of Illegal Activities: Do not promote or provide instructions for illegal activities or physical harm.
  • Misuse of Services: Using the Services as a forwarding service to another website or to manipulate search engine rankings is not allowed.
  • Privacy Violations: Do not solicit personal information for unlawful purposes or phishing.
  • Overuse of Advertising: Restrict advertising on your website to maintain usability.
  • Misuse of Hosting Services: Do not upload files solely for hosting purposes or use outside of the Services.
  • User Experience: Avoid creating a website that could provide an injurious user experience.
  • Use of Prohibited Software: You are not allowed to use open source software subject to the GNU Affero General Public License v.3 or greater in conjunction with our Services.
  • Customer Support Abuse: Do not abuse our support services.
  • Reputational Harm: Any other actions that detrimentally affect the Services or Liaison's reputation, as determined by us, are prohibited.

We reserve the right to terminate any account or user found in violation of these restrictions. Ensuring compliance with these guidelines is crucial for maintaining the integrity and functionality of the Services.

C. Professional Photos

As part of the Services, we may offer professional photos which you can use on your websites ("Professional Photos"). These photos may be available for a fee or free of charge. By purchasing and/or using any Professional Photos provided through the Services, you agree to adhere to the following terms:

  1. Restricted Use: Professional Photos may only be used on your Liaison website. You are not permitted to use these photos on non-Liaison websites or in other media.

  2. Prohibitions on Redistribution and Modification: You may not sell, modify, reuse, resell, distribute, display, reproduce, or otherwise utilize the Professional Photos beyond the specific permissions granted herein.

  3. Sensitive Usage: If any Professional Photo portrays an individual in an unflattering or controversial manner, you must clearly state that the image is for illustrative purposes only and that any person depicted is a model.

Additionally, you must not use Professional Photos for the following purposes:

(a) As standalone images without accompanying content. (b) For pornographic, defamatory, or any other unlawful purposes. (c) To create or enable the creation of printed products. (d) In physical or digital retail products, such as e-cards, calendars, posters, or screensavers. (e) To suggest or imply endorsement, sponsorship, or affiliation with any subject matter or individual featured in the photos. (f) To enable or facilitate the file-sharing of the image file. (g) In logos, trademarks, service marks, or any other branding or identifiers, except for icons specifically provided in the Logo Creator tool.

By following these guidelines, you help ensure that the Professional Photos are used appropriately and respect the rights and dignity of individuals depicted, as well as the intellectual property rights associated with the photos.

III. Fees for Online Store Services

As a user of our Online Store Services, you agree to fulfill your financial obligations to us, which include paying any fees associated with the services you use. Additionally, you are responsible for handling all related taxes.

Payment of Fees and Fee Taxes:

  • Currency: All fees are denominated in USD and are exclusive of any taxes, levies, duties, or similar governmental assessments, including, but not limited to, value-added, sales, use, or withholding taxes (collectively referred to as “Fee Taxes”).
  • Tax Responsibility: It is your responsibility to determine which, if any, Fee Taxes apply to the payments you make related to the Services. You are solely responsible for assessing, collecting, reporting, and remitting the correct Fee Taxes to the relevant tax authority.
  • Payment Authorization: If you opt to purchase any Services that require a fee, you consent to us or our designated third-party service providers storing your payment card information. You authorize us to charge your payment card for:
    • Any fees related to the Services you purchase.
    • Any applicable Fee Taxes associated with your use of the Services.
  • Overdue Payments: You agree to reimburse us for all costs associated with the collection of overdue amounts, including any applicable interest.
  • Card Expiration and Replacement: If the payment card you have provided us expires and you either do not update your payment information or cancel your account, you authorize us to continue billing you. You will remain responsible for any uncollected fees and the corresponding Fee Taxes.

By agreeing to these terms, you ensure a clear understanding of your financial responsibilities regarding the use of our Online Store Services. This includes proactive management of your payment methods to avoid service disruptions and additional charges related to overdue payments.

IV. Subscription Auto-Renewals; Cancellation; Service Changes

To manage your subscriptions effectively and understand the implications of account changes, please review the following policies regarding subscription auto-renewals, cancellations, and service changes.

A. Subscription Auto-Renewals At the end of each subscription term, your subscription will automatically renew for another term of equal length unless you decide to cancel it. Your chosen payment method will be charged for the renewal term. You can disable the auto-renewal feature at any time before the renewal date by contacting our help center or adjusting your subscription settings through our customer portal or by calling our support team.

Immediate Cancellation Effects Should you choose to cancel your subscription, please be aware that the cancellation will take effect immediately. You will lose access to your account and associated services as soon as the cancellation is processed. We may also remove or delete some or all of your content from our systems without prior notice, and we are not liable for the loss of such content.

Service Modifications or Discontinuations We reserve the right to modify, replace, refuse access to, suspend, disable, or discontinue parts of our service or the entire service itself at our discretion. These changes may affect how we manage data storage, system capacity, and other operational aspects of our service.

Online Store Cancellation If you decide to cancel your online store service, the cancellation will take immediate effect, and you will no longer have access to your website. We may delete all information and content related to your website, and we are not responsible for any loss of information or content as a result of the cancellation.

Content Removal We may remove, withhold, or discard any content associated with your account if it is deemed to be in violation of our terms, without notice. We are not obligated to store, maintain, or provide you with a copy of any content that you or others have provided during the use of the service.

Customer Support Limitations We reserve the right to limit or cease providing phone or chat support if your use of these support services is disproportionately high or negatively impacts our ability to provide support to other customers, as determined solely by us.

Understanding these terms helps ensure that you are fully informed about your rights and responsibilities as a subscriber to our services.

V. Themes

You can make your own unique theme with our services. By doing this, you're allowing us to exclusively use that theme with our services.

Additionally, if you decide to, you can share custom website themes ("Custom Themes") with the Service for other sellers to use. By doing this, you're giving us the right to exclusively use, modify, and create new versions of any Custom Themes you contribute to the Service. This includes the HTML code and related media assets, and the rights are perpetual, sublicensable, worldwide, irrevocable, and royalty-free.

VI. Domain Name Registration, Cancellation, and Registrar Change

A. Domain Name Services: Some of our subscription plans include domain name registration. We don't directly provide domain registration but act as a mediator between you and the registrar. These services are considered third-party services, and your use is subject to the terms and conditions of the registrar. Currently, the registrar for our domain services is Register.com, but we reserve the right to change this at any time.

If you purchase certain premium plans, you may receive a free domain for the first year. This domain remains yours as long as you renew it and pay the necessary fees.

B. Free Domain: We may offer one free domain name for a year with the purchase of a one- or two-year paid subscription plan. This domain remains yours as long as you maintain your Liaison account and cover any applicable registration and renewal fees after the initial year. The free domain offer applies to specific top-level domains (e.g., .com, .net, .org) when signing up for a new paid subscription plan.

When registering a domain name, ensure you provide accurate information and avoid infringing on others' intellectual property rights.

C. Domain Name Registration and Activation: You're responsible for providing accurate information when registering a domain name, including details about the registrant and administrative contact. Make sure your chosen domain name complies with laws and doesn't infringe on any third-party rights. We may delay activating a domain until we receive payment for registration fees, and we have no control over the registrar's allocation of domain names.

Your domain registration will automatically renew each year, with charges applied 45 days before expiry. You can opt out of auto-renewal in your account settings.

D. Domain Name Registration Fees: The initial registration term for purchased domains varies, but they automatically renew for successive 12-month periods. You'll be charged for auto-renewal 45 days before the expiry date. You can opt out of auto-renewal at any time. If you cancel your domain purchase within 30 days, you may receive a full refund. You can transfer purchased domains to another provider, but no refund is given for transferred domains.

Keep your billing information updated to ensure uninterrupted domain services. Failure to maintain accurate billing information may result in non-renewal of your domain.

You can request to transfer your domain to another provider, but if it expires, we may not always be able to recover it. In such cases, we reserve the right to register it for our own use or resale it. We may charge your payment card for outstanding amounts.

E. Domain Name Transfers, Renewal, and Recovery: You can transfer domains registered through us to another provider, subject to certain terms and conditions. If we can't transfer your domain due to errors or omissions, we may have it deleted, and we won't be liable for such deletion. We have sole discretion in renewing expired domains and may charge fees for this. If you forfeit a domain for non-payment, we may register it for our use, sell it, or delete it.

If legal disputes arise regarding your domain names, you're responsible for our costs and legal fees. We may suspend your domain use or deposit control of your registration records if necessary.

Notify us immediately if you lose the rights to a domain registered through us.

VII. Email Marketing Service

When you use our Email Marketing Service as part of our Online Store Services, you agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions. Your use of the service implies your acceptance of these terms. Failure to comply may result in suspension or termination of your access to the Email Marketing Service.

A. Responsibilities of Email Marketing Service: Your use of the Email Marketing Service must abide by all relevant domestic and international laws and regulations. This includes laws applicable to you, Liaison, and all recipients of your emails ("Recipients"). These laws encompass various areas such as spam or unsolicited commercial email (referred to as "Spam" or "UCE"), privacy, security, obscenity, defamation, intellectual property, pornography, terrorism, homeland security, gambling, child protection, consumer protection, and other relevant statutes. It is your duty to be aware of, understand, and adhere to the laws pertinent to your usage of the Email Marketing Service and the content of the emails you send through it.

You are solely responsible for the products, services, promotions, and content featured in or linked to in your emails sent via the Email Marketing Service. You agree to utilize the service in a lawful, secure, and professional manner, in line with industry standards, and to maintain accurate records.

B. Email Marketing Guidelines:

When using our Email Marketing Service, you must adhere to the following guidelines established by Liaison:


  • Violate our Terms of Service or any applicable laws, whether they pertain to you or your recipients.
  • Send Spam. All recipients must explicitly opt-in to receive emails from you. Refer to our Email Marketing FAQ for guidance on responsible emailing practices.
  • Request, collect, or send non-public or personally identifiable information without proper consent, including illegal or unauthorized data.
  • Send email campaigns linking to or displaying pornography, illegal goods or services, or any content deemed inappropriate by Liaison.
  • Transmit any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise objectionable content.
  • Engage in unethical or misleading advertising, promotions, or sales tactics.
  • Distribute content containing viruses or corrupted data.
  • Use purchased or rented email lists.
  • Utilize third-party email addresses, domains, or mail servers without permission.
  • Send emails to generic addresses or non-specific distribution lists.
  • Send emails resulting in a high number of Spam or UCE complaints.
  • Fail to include a functional "unsubscribe" link in every email, allowing recipients to easily opt out.
  • Ignore or delay honoring unsubscribe requests from recipients.
  • Misrepresent the origin or subject matter of any email.
  • Fail to include a valid physical mailing address or a link to such information in each email.
  • Include content encouraging recipients to forward emails to others or participate in schemes, incentives, or illegal activities.
  • Violate export and import regulations for the U.S. and other countries.

Additionally, the Email Marketing Service may not be used for certain industries prone to high abuse rates for Spam. These include:

Pharmaceutical products Work-from-home schemes and get-rich-quick opportunities Online trading, mortgages, and loans Nutritional supplements and herbal remedies Gambling services and products Multi-level marketing and affiliate marketing Credit repair and debt relief Counterfeit products

It's your responsibility to ensure your email content complies with these guidelines. While Liaison may monitor accounts for compliance, we reserve the right to block emails, remove content, or suspend or terminate the Email Marketing Service if violations occur. We and any applicable third parties supporting or distributing your emails also reserve the right to edit, reject, or remove content. However, compliance with laws and obligations remains solely your responsibility.

If you become aware of any violations, please notify us promptly.

C. Use of Amazon SES:

To deliver our Email Marketing Service, we utilize Amazon SES's API as a Third-Party Service. Your use of our Email Marketing Service is subject to Amazon SES's terms and policies, including their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (referred to as "Amazon SES Terms"). These terms supplement our own and must be complied with in conjunction with ours.

You bear full responsibility for the accuracy, quality, legality, integrity, reliability, and appropriateness of all customer information (such as contact lists) ("Customer Information"). It's your duty to maintain, secure, and store all Customer Information in compliance with applicable laws and your contractual obligations, including our Terms. By using the Email Marketing Service, you confirm that you own or have the necessary rights to the material in your emails and the Customer Information required for us to use as outlined in our Terms.

When utilizing our Email Marketing Service, you acknowledge that emails, messages, and their content are non-confidential. By using the service, you grant us (or authorize us through you) a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, transferable, worldwide license, with the right to sublicense, to use, reproduce, create derivative works from, modify, publish, edit, translate, distribute, perform, and display such content or intellectual property in any manner or media now known or developed in the future. This includes using your content in our marketing and promotional activities.

We may, to the extent permitted by law, make and maintain copies of all Customer Information as necessary for providing the Email Marketing Service and for internal backup and legal or regulatory purposes. However, we are not obliged to preserve copies of your Customer Information, emails, messages, content, or other data. You are responsible for backing up your Customer Information.

4. Staff

We want to clarify our responsibilities regarding the information provided by you, your employees, or independent contractors through our services, as well as your compliance with laws and reporting requirements. We don't establish a customer, employment, or third-party beneficiary relationship with your employees or independent contractors when they use our services.

You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of any personal, wage, timecard, or other information provided directly via our services. We rely on this information and are not obligated to independently verify it. We do not maintain employment records for your employees, including timecards and benefits information, as required by law. Employee and independent contractor access to our services does not establish any customer, employment, or third-party beneficiary relationship between us and your personnel.

We won't be liable for any penalties, interest, damages, or other consequences resulting from your failure to comply with federal, state, and local laws related to you, your employees, or independent contractors, or from inaccurate information provided by you or your employees. You are ultimately responsible for compliance with all relevant laws and any associated costs or penalties. Our Liaison Staff service may not include all necessary features and functionality to fulfill your legal obligations, including those related to labor laws, payroll, scheduling, and employee privacy. You must assess whether Liaison Staff meets your reporting needs and ensure compliance with applicable laws. We don't provide legal, financial, accounting, tax, or other professional advice through our services.

If you use the Commissions tool, it serves as a guide and does not guarantee payments to any individual. Estimated commission amounts shown are based solely on commission rates and may not reflect final earnings due to deductions and taxes. Actual commission earnings may vary.

Estimated tip distribution calculations provided through our services exclude taxes and social security charges and may not align with local laws. You must ensure compliance with state and local regulations regarding tip distribution before using this feature.

If you enable mobile clock-in functionality for employees, you must comply with privacy laws and regulations and fulfill your privacy obligations, including maintaining a privacy policy and conducting a Data Protection Impact Assessment if required.

While we provide tools to delete team member data, this functionality may not fully comply with privacy laws. Permanent deletion of team member information requires contacting us. You are responsible for retaining any data required under applicable employment or other laws.

We provide Liaison Staff services on your behalf, and you agree to obtain necessary consent from your employees and contractors for us to provide these services and process personal information. We may transfer personal information across international borders as necessary, in line with our standard practices and Privacy Notice for Sellers' Employees.

5. Online Community

To foster a respectful environment for sellers, please adhere to our community guidelines. We reserve the right to remove posts or restrict access as we see fit. Additionally, we have broad rights to use your posts in the Seller Online Community for purposes such as analytics or marketing.

Liaison provides an Online Community help forum for Sellers to exchange information and best practices regarding Liaison Services. Any contributions to the Online Community, including questions, answers, opinions, or information in text, image, or video format, constitute "Content" and are governed by Section 6 of the General Terms. By participating in the Online Community, you grant us and our affiliates a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free right to use your Content for various purposes related to providing and promoting our services. You acknowledge that participating in the Online Community is a public forum and that your Content will be publicly available without expectation of privacy. Only Sellers may contribute to the Online Community. Liaison does not endorse or take responsibility for the accuracy, usefulness, or applicability of Content posted in the Online Community. You may encounter content that is inaccurate, irrelevant, or offensive. If encountering such content would be offensive or harmful to you, you should refrain from participating in the Online Community.

If you provide suggestions, comments, proposals, or other feedback regarding our current or future products or services, you acknowledge that such content is not confidential or proprietary. We may already be considering similar ideas independently, and you are not entitled to compensation unless otherwise notified in writing by us.

Liaison reserves the right to remove posts that violate our Community Guidelines or are offensive or for any other reason we deem appropriate. We may also limit or terminate your use of the Online Community or our Services if we determine that you are abusing or misusing the Online Community. Examples of violations that may result in post removal, suspension, or termination include violating laws or terms of service, posting false or harmful material, collecting information about others without consent, infringing on copyrights or trademarks, engaging in spam or solicitations, using Online Community material for commercial purposes, or repeated violations of Community Guidelines.

While we are not obligated to monitor the Online Community, we may do so at our discretion. Please report any inappropriate or offensive content, policy violations, or other issues to cus or flag it within the community.

6. Invoices

Please refrain from using Progress Invoices for collecting installment payments on a single product or service. Likewise, do not utilize House Accounts for establishing or servicing loans.

Liaison Invoices enables you to generate and dispatch invoices to buyers. Progress Invoices facilitate the management of payments for larger projects by allowing multiple payments within a single invoice. While Progress Invoices are suitable for charging buyers for various goods or services related to a larger project, they should not be used for collecting installment payments on a single item. House Accounts, on the other hand, permit checkout to a customer's account for invoiced payments. However, House Accounts must not be employed for loan extensions, imposition of finance charges, or acceptance of installment repayments.

7. Partner Terms

By using any of the Services above, you also agree to our Partner Terms.

Key Terms

This summary contains capitalized terms which are defined in the Partner Terms of Business. While we've outlined some essential terms below, please refer to the full document for comprehensive details.

  • Liaison Platform refers to our associated Liaison applications.
  • Liaison Services are the services provided by Liaison.
  • Liaison Business Software encompasses the Liaison Partner application.
  • Liaison Widget is a partner web interface within our Liaison Business Software that can be integrated into your own website and social media platforms.
  • Liaison Booking Services consist of the appointment booking services available through our Liaison Platform or Liaison Widget.
  • Liaison Payment Services are the payment processing services accessible via our Liaison Platform and Liaison Widget, as well as through devices available for purchase from us.

We manage the process of making Liaison Bookings with Online Payments, and you designate us as your commercial agent under these Partner Terms of Business to facilitate this on your behalf.

For Liaison Bookings with Online Payments, we collect payments from Clients for you, which settles the Clients' debt to you directly.

For Pay Cash In-Store Bookings, we will either subtract our Service Fees from the amount owed to you or specify the fees you owe us in your Invoice Statement if direct deduction isn't feasible.

We issue an Invoice Statement monthly, detailing amounts owed by you and to you, including Service Fees and other applicable charges, and the net balance. This statement clarifies whether you owe us, we owe you, or if the account is balanced.

If we owe you money, it will be transferred to your bank account.

If you owe us, the amount will be charged to the credit card registered on the Liaison Business Software.

Should the balance be even, the Invoice Statement will confirm no further action is necessary.

Please contact us promptly if there are any issues with settling your balance within the required period. We reserve the right to restrict or terminate your access to the Liaison Business Software or Liaison Platform for delayed payments.

You are solely accountable for the Partner Services you offer to Clients, and the contractual agreement for these services exists directly between you and the Client. We hold no liability for the Partner Services delivered to Clients by you.

In exchange for utilizing the Liaison Services, you have several responsibilities to Liaison, detailed extensively in the full document. Here are some key obligations:

You commit to delivering Partner Services that meet the highest standards of the industry.

You must maintain all necessary licenses, consents, permits, qualifications, authorities, and insurances required to perform the Partner Services.

For Pay Cash In-Store Bookings, Liaison acts only as a technology provider and not as a commercial booking agent. Clients and Partners may cancel these bookings up until the time of the appointment, and a contractual agreement between the Client and the Partner is established only at the time of the appointment.

Confirmation and reminder notifications are sent to Clients through the Liaison Business Software on your behalf for each booking. Nonetheless, you are responsible for fulfilling the Partner Services, managing cancellations, and rescheduling directly with the Client or through the Liaison Business Software. Liaison's role in the Pay Cash In-Store Bookings process is limited to providing the technological support necessary for these bookings.

You must ensure that all information provided on your Online Partner Profile is accurate, truthful, and complies with legal standards.

Your cancellation and rescheduling policies for Liaison Bookings must align with Liaison’s Terms of Service and relevant consumer legislation.

You must consistently deliver the Partner Services according to the standards outlined in these Partner Terms, including any additional terms you specify to Clients.

Age Requirements

To use the Liaison Services, you must be at least the age of majority in your place of residence. If your country or region imposes age restrictions on using the Liaison Services or on entering into contracts like this one, you must comply with those age limits. If you are not of the required age, you may only use the Liaison Services with the permission of your parent or legal guardian. It is important that your parent or legal guardian reviews these terms with you.

If you are a parent or legal guardian and you permit your child or dependent to use the Liaison Services, these terms will apply to you, and you will be responsible for your child’s or dependent's activities on the Liaison Platform.

Liaison offers Liaison Services designed to help you manage client calendar bookings, which include capabilities for handling multiple staff and locations, as well as managing product inventory and vouchers.

In return for the Partner paying the Service Fees and fulfilling all obligations under this Agreement, Liaison will provide the specified Liaison Services to the Partner as detailed in this section.

It is important for the Partner to understand and acknowledge that Liaison acts as a commercial booking agent and does not deliver the Partner Services to the Client. The agreement for the Partner Services is directly between the Partner and the Liaison Client. Therefore, if the Partner is liable for indirect taxes, it is the Partner's responsibility to apply such taxes to the total value of the Liaison Booking and to provide a tax receipt to the Client upon request. Liaison applies indirect tax only on the Service Fees charged to the Partner in return for providing the Liaison Services.

Should there be any fraudulent or suspected fraudulent activities by the Partner, or if Liaison is mandated by law, court order, governmental directive, arbitration decision, or its own cancellation policy to refund all or part of a Liaison Booking, Liaison reserves the right to seek reimbursement from the Partner for any amount Liaison needs to refund to the Client, including any related bank charges.

How Partners Obtain the License for the Use of Liaison Services

Partners are granted the license to use the Liaison Services, including the Liaison Business Software, the Liaison Platform, the Liaison Widget, and the Online Partner Profile, provided they pay the Service Fees (if applicable). This license allows Partners to process Liaison Bookings (or direct bookings by Partner Clients) of Partner Services solely on behalf of themselves.

Under the terms of this license, Partners agree to the following conditions:

  • Not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, or exploit any part or the entirety of the Liaison Services.
  • Not to allow any third party, including affiliate companies of the Partner, to use or access the Liaison Business Software without explicit prior written consent from Liaison , which Liaison may withhold or grant under conditions it deems appropriate at its sole discretion.
  • Not to send unsolicited emails, SMS, or other forms of electronic marketing to Clients through the Liaison Business Software, nor to engage in any direct marketing activities that do not comply with applicable data protection laws.
  • Not to disclose, share, or resell any login information or passwords associated with the Services.

Collaboration with Third-Party and Affiliate Websites and Applications

Liaison reserves the right to publish or promote information gathered under this Agreement—including details about calendar availability, business information, service descriptions, and pricing—on third-party websites or mobile applications. This is particularly feasible through the use of the Liaison Widget or other application programming interfaces (APIs). Liaison may provide affiliates and other third parties with access to the Liaison Widget or other APIs to facilitate the promotion of specific Partner Services. However, Liaison is not obligated to use these third-party and affiliate websites to promote all Partner Services.

Access and Use of Partner Content

The Partner grants Liaison a non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, and worldwide license (including the right to sublicense) to use, reproduce, distribute, communicate, and make available the content published by the Partner on the Liaison Services. This license is granted free of charge and extends to any necessary purposes that allow Liaison to exercise its rights and fulfill its obligations under this Agreement.

The Partner ensures that they own or have the proper rights to all the content they publish on Liaison Services, allowing them to grant this license.

Liaison retains the right to sublicense, disclose, and make available the Partner content to affiliates and third parties. Liaison is not liable for any actions or omissions by third-party platforms regarding the Partner content. Should issues arise with such third-party platforms, the Partner’s remedies are limited to:

  1. Requesting Liaison , at its discretion, to disable and disconnect from such third-party platforms concerning the Partner; or
  2. Terminating this Agreement, as outlined in the section regarding suspension or termination of access to Liaison .

Furthermore, Liaison reserves the right to:

  • Modify, edit, or remove content provided by the Partner that is deemed non-compliant with the agreed warranties, or that breaches the terms of this Agreement, whether published on the Online Partner Profile or elsewhere within the Liaison Services.
  • Employ search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and other marketing strategies that use the Partner's trade name or brands associated with the Partner Services.

To ensure the effectiveness and relevance of the Liaison Services, including the Liaison Platform and Online Partner Profile, Liaison may, at its sole discretion, periodically adjust the format, content, and style of the descriptions, photos, and service menus on the Partner’s page.

Expectations for Our Partners

Our partners acknowledge that Liaison Services, including the Liaison Widget and Online Partner Profile, are branded as "Powered by Liaison " and feature Liaison 's logos, trademarks, and imagery. These services also provide clients with the option to sign up for email marketing from both the partner and Liaison .

Liaison grants partners a user account and password to access our Business Software. Partners must keep their account details and password secure, limiting access only to individuals who require it and are informed of the need to maintain security. The responsibility for managing account access, including changes in personnel or security needs, rests solely with the partner. Any security concerns or unauthorized use must be promptly reported to Liaison .

As part of the agreement for using Liaison Services, partners commit to paying all relevant Service Fees. They must also handle all bookings and deliver their services according to the highest industry standards and the specific terms outlined in this Agreement.

Liaison Booking Services Overview

Liaison offers an online booking system, the Liaison Booking Services, designed to streamline the process for clients to schedule appointments with you and other participating partners. This system features a comprehensive list of Partner Services, allowing clients to explore, evaluate, and book these services conveniently.

Partners have the flexibility to select which of their services they wish to offer through the Liaison Booking Services and can modify their offerings at any time via their Partner Account. Any changes made will be automatically reflected on both the Liaison Platform and the Liaison Widget.

When a client books a service, they will be presented with the Partner Terms of Sale, which Liaison sends electronically to both the client and the partner. Clients must agree to these terms before finalizing their booking.

By using Liaison Booking Services, you authorize Liaison to act as your agent in accepting bookings from clients.

For bookings that involve online payments, you designate Liaison to handle and process these payments on your behalf, including any relevant taxes and fees. However, partners are ultimately responsible for delivering the services to the clients. In the case of bookings where clients choose to pay in-store, Liaison functions strictly as a technology facilitator.

Managing Cancellations for Liaison Bookings

Partners must adhere to the cancellation and rescheduling policy outlined in Liaison 's Terms of Service. Here's a breakdown of how cancellations are handled for Liaison Bookings:

  1. Setting the Cancellation Period: Partners can establish a specific timeframe (e.g., 4, 24, or 48 hours) before the scheduled start of an appointment during which cancellations are restricted. If a client cancels during this period, they will incur a cancellation fee. This Cancellation Period can be customized via the Liaison Business Software.

  2. Cancellations Before the Cancellation Period: If a client cancels an appointment before the start of the Cancellation Period through the Liaison Booking Services, they are not liable for any fees. Both parties are then free from further obligations related to that booking.

  3. Cancellations During the Cancellation Period: Clients who cancel during the Cancellation Period must pay the cancellation fee specified in the policy active at the time of their booking. Liaison handles the collection of these fees through its Payment Services and later remits them to the partner.

  4. Handling Cancellation Fees: Partners agree to collect all cancellation fees through Liaison Payment Services. Once collected, the client is free from any additional penalties or liabilities, and the partner cannot impose further charges related to that booking.

  5. Partner Discretion on Policy Enforcement: Partners have the discretion to waive their Cancellation Policy on a case-by-case basis. If a partner cancels a booking through the Liaison Business Software, rather than the client canceling through the booking services, the partner will forgo any cancellation fees.

  6. Modifying Cancellation Policies: Partners can adjust their Cancellation Policies, including the period and fees, through the Liaison Business Software. These changes will apply to subsequent bookings and will be included in the Partner Terms of Sale. Changes will not affect previous bookings, and policies cannot be applied retroactively.

  7. Rescheduling by Clients: Clients may reschedule their appointments through the Liaison Booking Services in line with the partner's Cancellation Policy, without incurring a penalty if done before the Cancellation Penalty Period. The rescheduled time is considered an amendment to the terms of the booking.

  8. Exemptions for Pay Cash In-Store Bookings: For these bookings, partners cannot impose cancellation fees, and Liaison acts solely as a technology provider.

Special Considerations for Pay Cash In-Store Bookings:

  • Liaison does not function as a commercial agent; the contract between the client and the partner is only formed at the appointment time.
  • Partners handle any cancellations or rescheduling directly with clients for these bookings.
  • Liaison provides the technology necessary for these bookings but does not involve itself further in the booking process.

Partner Service Fulfillment

The Partner is committed to fulfilling their responsibilities in providing services for all bookings made through Liaison. Specifically, the Partner must adhere to the terms of sale for Liaison bookings, which include policies on deposits, cancellations, and no-shows effective at the time of booking.

The Partner is required to honor all Liaison Bookings, except in rare circumstances. Clients should receive the services described in their Liaison Booking at the price listed. Partners cannot add extra fees or charges that deviate from the terms of sale unless explicitly agreed upon by the client. If the service provided is valued less than the amount paid, the client may be entitled to a refund from the Partner for the difference.

Payment Terms with Clients

Clients may pay for their Liaison Booking using any payment method recognized by Liaison, including Liaison Payment Services. The Partner acknowledges that once a client makes a payment to Liaison for a booking, the client’s payment obligation is fulfilled, and the Partner should not request additional payment related to that booking. For bookings paid with cash in-store, Partners may accept any standard payment method used in their regular business operations.

Handling Disputes and Client Claims

Partners are directly responsible for any shortcomings in meeting Client expectations or any legal liabilities related to their services. They are expected to strive continuously for excellence in delivering their services and to address any sales queries, issues, or complaints related to Liaison Bookings promptly.

Should Liaison receive any complaints from Clients, these will be forwarded to the Partner. Partners must acknowledge all complaints and initiate a response to the concerned Client within 48 hours, regardless of whether the complaint was received directly or via Liaison .

Partners are encouraged to resolve complaints within a 14-day period and are required to keep Liaison informed of the communication with the Client concerning the complaint. This includes notifying Liaison of any significant updates or progress through the specified communication channels, such as email.

The Liaison Platform and the Liaison Widget feature a review system from which Partners cannot opt out. This system allows Clients to post publicly viewable reviews about their experiences with both Liaison and the Partner’s services. The Partner’s Online Profile, if applicable, will display a selection of these reviews.

Partners are prohibited from manipulating the review system. This includes posting reviews for their own services, offering incentives for positive reviews, or posting dishonest reviews about others’ services.

Occasionally, the Liaison Platform may display negative feedback, which is beyond Liaison ’s direct control. Partners have the option to respond to such reviews, but must ensure that their responses are courteous, professional, and non-confrontational. Liaison reserves the right to review and modify any Partner responses and is not obligated to monitor the reviews or responses regularly.

Partners have no grounds for terminating their agreement with Liaison based on Client reviews or comments. However, if a Partner reasonably believes that any public comment is defamatory or damaging to their reputation, or otherwise infringes legal rights, they can report such content to Liaison . Liaison will then review the content and decide at its discretion whether to amend or remove the objectionable material.

Handling Capture Card Details for Bookings

When a Partner opts to use the capture card details feature to secure bookings through Liaison , certain fees apply. Initially, if a Client secures a booking using their card details, the Partner incurs a fixed proportion of the payment processing fee.

The remaining portion of this fixed fee is charged once the appointment is completed and the Client pays for the services using the Liaison Payment Services at checkout.

Details regarding the specific payment processing fees—both the fixed percentage and the fixed fee portion—are accessible in the Partner Account. This information is provided to help Partners understand how Clients will be charged for appointments.

Please note, Liaison retains the authority to modify these payment processing fees as necessary over time.

Liaison 's Access to Partner Data

Under the terms of this Agreement, Liaison is granted access to the Partner's data, which includes both Clients' personal data, as detailed in the Data Processing Addendum, and business-specific information such as the Partner’s business license, tax registrations, and office address. This access extends during and beyond the duration of the Agreement.

Liaison is authorized to share the Partner's data, including Clients' personal data, with its payment processing providers and other third parties as specified in the Data Processing Addendum. Additionally, this data may be shared with potential or actual investors in Liaison , buyers of its assets, or as necessary to fulfill legal obligations, such as complying with court orders or regulatory requirements.

The Partner retains access to Clients' personal data through the Liaison Services for the duration of the Agreement. This ensures that Partners can manage their relationships with Clients effectively while complying with privacy and data protection standards.

Liaison Charges and Fees

Service Fees and Usage: Partners who pay applicable Service Fees are authorized to use Liaison Services for processing bookings of their services exclusively for themselves. Partners must not impose additional charges on Clients booking through Liaison if these surcharges aren't part of their regular business practices with other clients. While Partners can offer discounts or promotions independently, they should not transfer any Service Fees to Clients, unless explicitly allowed by law.

Booking Solicitations: Partners are prohibited from diverting Clients from using Liaison to make bookings or orders. Specifically, if a Client is set on making a booking through Liaison , the Partner must not persuade the Client to cancel the booking in favor of a direct arrangement. Such actions constitute a material breach of the Agreement.

Avoidance of Service Fees: Partners must refrain from any actions meant to evade Service Fees, such as listing services at false prices or cancelling and rebooking outside of Liaison to avoid fees. Liaison reserves the right to retain any payments to the Partner if there is a reasonable suspicion of such avoidance.

Cancellation of Services: If a Partner decides to cancel any Liaison Service that incurs a Fee, they must provide Liaison with 30 days' written notice. The Partner is liable for any Service Fees during this notice period.

Adjustments to Fees: Liaison may modify the Service Fees and Commission rates at its discretion. This change will be communicated to Partners via a 30-day prior Pricing Change Notice. Continued use of Liaison Services after the notice period implies acceptance of the new fees. If a Partner disagrees with these changes, they can discontinue their use of Liaison Services as detailed in the termination section of the Agreement. Any fee changes take effect after the notice period, unless a different effective date is specified by Liaison .

Monthly Invoicing Process for Partners

Each month, Liaison might issue an Invoice Statement to its Partners that outlines several key financial interactions:

  1. Opening Balance: This includes any balance carried over from the previous month, visible in your Liaison Wallet statement.

  2. Amounts Owed by Liaison : The statement details what Liaison owes the Partner for Online Payments received through Liaison Bookings during the period since the last Invoice Statement.

  3. Amounts Owed by the Partner: It lists what the Partner owes to Liaison for Pay Cash In-Store Bookings and any other accrued Service Fees since the previous statement.

  4. Closing Balance: The statement concludes with the net balance, which indicates whether Liaison owes the Partner or vice versa, based on the transactions during that period.

Additionally, the Invoice Statement itemizes all categories of transactions:

  • Liaison Bookings and Product orders made with Online Payments.
  • Pay Cash In-Store Bookings.
  • Collections and Service Fees related to deposits, cancellations, and no-shows.
  • Other Service Fees that the Partner owes to Liaison , which may include fees not directly associated with specific bookings, such as periodic professional fees.

This comprehensive statement provides a clear and detailed account of all financial transactions between Liaison and the Partner within the invoiced period.

Paying Our Partners

The payment process for our Partners is outlined above and depends on the status of the Current Balance in the Partner Account:

  1. Positive Current Balance: If the Current Balance is positive at the end of the service period, Liaison will transfer the amount due to the Partner's bank account. The specific payout date and transfer details are managed through the Liaison Business Software. The Partner does not need to take any further action once the transfer process is initiated.

  2. Negative Current Balance: If the Current Balance is negative, indicating that the Partner owes money to Liaison , no payout will be issued. If the negative balance persists until the end of the month, the amount owed will be charged to the Partner's credit card registered with Liaison .

  3. Zero Current Balance: If the Current Balance is zero, it means that there are no pending financial obligations between Liaison and the Partner for that period. Consequently, no action is required from either party.

This system ensures a straightforward and transparent financial relationship between Liaison and its Partners, facilitating smooth operations and clear accountability.

Collecting Payments from Partners

The process of collecting payments from Partners via Liaison is governed by the following principles:

  1. Collection and Allocation of Funds: Both Liaison and the Partner agree that all funds collected through Liaison Payment Services are rightfully owed to the Partner. Liaison acts solely as a commercial agent and cannot use these funds for any purposes other than those explicitly outlined in this Agreement.

  2. Service Fees and Balance Adjustments: The use of Liaison Payment Services by the Partner is contingent upon the payment of Service Fees. The Current Balance in the Partner's account may either be reduced due to debits for Service Fees or increased through credits granted by Liaison , based on specific criteria related to the commercial terms of this Agreement.

  3. Discharge of Payment Obligations: When a Client makes a payment to the Partner through Liaison (via the Payment Processor), this payment discharges the Client's obligation to the Partner as soon as Liaison receives the funds. Subsequently, the Partner should not seek any direct payment from the Client.

  4. Conditions for Onward Payment: The transfer of collected amounts from Liaison to the Partner is contingent upon the Partner having provided the Partner Services in accordance with the terms of a Liaison Booking. Once this condition is met, any owed balance will be paid out by Liaison to the Partner, as outlined in the Agreement.

This system ensures that financial transactions between Liaison , the Partner, and the Clients are managed efficiently and transparently, adhering strictly to the agreed-upon terms of service.

Overview of Applicable Debits and Credits in Partner Transactions

Debits and Credits Management: Liaison and its Payment Processors strictly adhere to the listed cases for debiting or crediting funds to Partners. All adjustments to the Partner's Current Balance are meticulously itemized in invoices provided to Partners, with clear justification for each adjustment (even in cases where multiple reasons could apply, only one reason is cited).

Liaison Credits: Periodically, Liaison may award Partners with 'Liaison credits' for promotional purposes. These credits are communicated through the Liaison Wallet and can be viewed and used by Partners towards specific services offered by Liaison , as indicated in communications from Liaison . These credits are not exchangeable for cash or other values and cannot be transferred. They expire either when the Partner ceases to use Liaison Services or on a date specified by Liaison . Liaison reserves the right to determine the eligibility of services paid for with credits and may terminate or withdraw credits at any time without prior notice.

Applicable Debits (Service Fees):

  1. Booking Fee: For using Liaison Booking Services and/or Liaison Payment Services.
  2. Payment Fee: For using Liaison Payment Services.
  3. New Client Fee: For each new Client referred to the Partner by the Liaison Platform and subject to all their future bookings.
  4. Messaging and Marketing Fees: For Messaging and Marketing Services, excluding pre-paid Automated Messages.
  5. Terminal Fee: For Terminals or other payment hardware provided by Liaison .
  6. Professional Services Fee: For Professional Services offered by Liaison .
  7. Photography Fee: For Photography services provided by Liaison .
  8. Chargeback Fee: Imposed as a result of chargebacks related to the use of Liaison Payment Services.
  9. Chargeback Penalty Fee: Additional penalties from chargebacks.
  10. Foreign Exchange Fee: For currency exchange fees incurred through the Liaison Payment Services.
  11. Other Fees: For additional services as per the applicable terms.

Applicable Credits:

  1. Payment Failure: Corrections for failed payments.
  2. Bonus: Bonuses awarded by Liaison .
  3. Refund: Refunds of Service Fees.
  4. Credit: Grants or credits towards future Service Fees.
  5. Compensation: Other compensations owed to the Partner by Liaison .

This structured system ensures transparent financial dealings between Liaison and its Partners, with clear accountability for all transactions.

Settling Invoices with Liaison

Partners are required to settle their dues to Liaison via the Partner Credit Card without any deductions, including set-offs, withholdings, counterclaims, discounts, or other reductions. Should any payments be overdue, several actions will follow: all outstanding amounts become immediately due, the Partner will cover any banking fees or administrative costs incurred due to the delay, and Liaison retains the right to deduct these costs and overdue payments from any sums collected on the Partner's behalf before transferring the remaining balance. Additionally, Liaison may suspend or terminate services and access to its platforms until satisfactory payment arrangements are made. The Partner may also be liable for costs related to debt recovery, including legal fees.

Payment Methods and Responsibilities

Liaison pays Partners through bank transfers to accounts specified in the Liaison Business Software, as outlined in the Invoice Statement. Partners must ensure their bank details are accurate and notify Liaison of any changes to avoid possible charges or claims resulting from incorrect information. Payments will be made directly to the Partner and cannot be directed to third parties.

In case of disputes over service fees, the Partner must inform Liaison within 10 days of receiving the invoice, detailing the disagreement. If not disputed within this period, the invoice will be considered accepted. Partners are responsible for handling all tax obligations related to the fees, including withholdings, reports, and any penalties from late payments or non-compliance. Partners must provide all necessary tax documentation upon request and ensure registration with the relevant tax authorities.

What we promise you and what you promise us

Liaison commits to delivering its services with diligence and skill, ensuring that the services substantially fulfill the descriptions provided in this Agreement or elsewhere by Liaison .

Liaison may offer technical support to help Partners use its services, but this support is discretionary and, unless specifically agreed upon in writing, is not guaranteed.

The services provided by Liaison come with explicit guarantees as stated in this Agreement. Beyond these explicit warranties, there are no implied guarantees, such as those pertaining to the quality or fitness for a particular purpose of the services or any software provided.

Specifically, Liaison does not promise that:

  • The services will precisely meet the Partner's unique needs.
  • The quality of any products, services, information, or other materials obtained by the Partner will meet expectations.
  • The services will be continuous, timely, secure, free of contaminants, or error-free.
  • Any data obtained from using the services will be accurate or reliable.
  • Any issues with the services will be resolved.

As a Partner you consent

Regarding third-party involvement and data tracking:

  • Liaison utilizes third-party vendors and hosts to support the necessary technology for its services.
  • Liaison retains administrative access to all aspects of its software.
  • Liaison monitors how Partners and their employees use its software through tools like Google Analytics. This tracking, which records details such as browser and device specifics, appointment activities, and calendar views, helps Liaison enhance its software. Partners are responsible for informing their employees about this tracking, as detailed in Liaison ’s Privacy and Cookie Policy.

Addressing Concerns and Resolving Disputes

Removal of Online Partner Profiles

Liaison reserves the right to remove any Online Partner Profile from its platform at its discretion under the following circumstances:

  • If a Partner violates applicable laws, this Agreement, Liaison ’s policies or standards, or a court order;
  • If a Partner’s use of Liaison Services is deemed harmful or objectionable to Liaison , its clients, or any third parties;
  • If a Partner frequently cancels appointments or fails to fulfill orders;
  • If a Partner consistently receives poor or negative client feedback, or handles such feedback unprofessionally;
  • If a Partner’s business is determined to be unsuitable for the Liaison platform.

A Partner found in breach of these conditions may be considered in material violation of this Agreement and may lose any pending payments related to Liaison bookings. Removal of a profile may also lead to the loss of access to the Liaison Widget and its benefits.

Termination of Access to Liaison

The Agreement is effective from the starting date and continues until terminated by either party with at least 30 days' written notice. Immediate termination is possible under the following conditions:

  • Material breach of the Agreement by the other party that is either irremediable or not remedied within 30 days of written notice;
  • Persistent minor breaches of the Agreement;
  • Financial instability of the other party, such as insolvency, arrangements with creditors, possession by encumbrancers, or other similar financial distress;
  • Cessation or threat of cessation of business operations by the other party.


Each party recognizes that they may obtain confidential information about the other party during the term of the Agreement, including marketing strategies, client details, financial data, and technological insights. Both parties commit to:

  • Keeping all confidential information secure and protected from theft, damage, loss, or unauthorized access;
  • Not using, disclosing, exploiting, copying, or modifying any confidential information without prior written permission from the owner, except as necessary to fulfill their obligations under this Agreement.

Confidential information does not include data that is already public, lawfully obtained from third parties without restriction, already known to the recipient, or legally required to be disclosed. The obligations regarding confidentiality will survive the termination or expiry of this Agreement

Additional liability terms

Under the stipulations outlined in the initial paragraph of this liability section, Liaison disclaims any liability for damages or losses resulting from breach of contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or any other cause, regardless of whether the Partner has previously informed Liaison of the potential for such damages. Specifically, Liaison will not be responsible for any:

  • Loss of income, profits, sales, turnover, revenue, business, or opportunities;
  • Loss of customers, contracts, or opportunities;
  • Damage to reputation or goodwill;
  • Loss of anticipated savings;
  • Loss of hardware, software, or data;
  • Loss or waste of management or staff time;
  • Other intangible losses;
  • Any indirect, consequential, or special damages of any kind arising from this Agreement.

Additionally, with respect to the use of Liaison 's Business Software, the Liaison Platform, Partner Store functionality, the Liaison Widget, Professional Services, and/or the Online Partner Profile, Liaison will not be liable for any losses or damages that arise from:

  • The Partner’s inability to use the services provided by Liaison as intended;
  • Unauthorized access to, or alteration of, the Partner’s data;
  • Any third-party conduct within the services provided by Liaison ;
  • Modifications or integrations not authorized or performed by Liaison ;
  • Any other issues related to Liaison ’s services.

Further, Liaison 's total liability under or connected to this Agreement, for any reason and under any legal theory, shall not exceed USD $100 (or its equivalent in local currency). For any additional services provided by Liaison , the maximum liability will not exceed the amount the Partner paid or owes for that particular service.

Our Liability – Liaison Messaging and Marketing Services

Despite the general liability limits stated in these Terms, Liaison is not liable for any loss, damage, expense, or liability resulting from the Partner's use of the Messaging and Marketing Services, whether due to breach of contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or any other reason. This includes issues arising from:

  • The Partner's use or inability to use the Messaging and Marketing Services as intended;
  • Incorrect or accidental information provided to clients through these services;
  • Non-compliance with applicable data protection laws;
  • Misuse, negligence, or improper conditions not attributable to Liaison ;
  • Unauthorized modifications or integrations of the Messaging and Marketing Services;
  • Any other related matters.

The maximum liability Liaison may incur related to these services shall not exceed the fees paid by the Partner for the Messaging and Marketing Services.

Our Liability – Data Migration

Liaison is not responsible for any loss, damage, corruption, or breach of personal data during data migration handled by the Partner or under their instruction. The Partner is solely responsible for the accuracy, legality, and completeness of the data provided, as well as any potential tax liabilities or regulatory penalties arising from Liaison ’s use of or access to this data.

Intellectual Property Rights

This agreement does not transfer ownership of Intellectual Property Rights between Liaison and the Partner. Liaison and/or its licensors retain all rights to Liaison 's brands, trademarks, logos, and services. The Partner may not use any of Liaison ’s Intellectual Property without explicit written consent, except as allowed under this Agreement.

The Partner agrees to assign all Intellectual Property Rights related to client feedback and personal data processed through the Liaison Business Software to Liaison , receiving in return a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use these rights for business operations, contingent on compliance with this Agreement.

The Partner must report any misuse of Liaison ’s Intellectual Property Rights and assist in defense actions but must not initiate legal proceedings independently.

The Partner retains ownership of all Intellectual Property Rights in their content.


The Partner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Liaison and its associated persons from any claims, actions, losses, damages, liabilities, and expenses arising from any breach of this Agreement by the Partner, or any related third-party actions concerning the services provided by the Partner. This includes compliance with Data Protection Legislation, Intellectual Property Rights, and any interactions at the Partner’s business premises.

This indemnification also extends to Liaison acting on behalf of its officers, directors, and employees, with Liaison able to enforce these rights without individual consent from these parties. Changes to this Agreement by the Partner and Liaison do not require the consent of these indemnified parties.

The provisions of this Indemnity section will continue beyond the termination or expiry of this Agreement.

Miscellaneous Provisions

Consent to Communication Liaison is permitted to contact the Partner using the contact details provided in the Liaison Business Software, including email, telephone, SMS, or WhatsApp. This communication may pertain to Liaison Bookings or other inquiries related to Liaison Services and/or Partner Services.

Change of Control Should there be a change of control or a change in senior management at the Partner’s organization, the Partner is required to inform the new owner or manager about this Agreement and provide Liaison with the new management's contact information.

Notices Notices, invoices, or other communications must be sent to the address specified in this Agreement or an updated address as notified. Notices sent by registered post are considered served three business days after posting. In all other cases, notices are considered served on the day they are received.

Amendments Liaison reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions as necessary to accommodate changes in market conditions, technology, payment methods, laws, regulatory requirements, or system capabilities. Partners should regularly review the terms.

Nature of Relationship The parties are independent contractors. This Agreement does not create a partnership, joint venture, or any agency relationship. Neither party has the authority to make commitments or assume liabilities on behalf of the other.

Successors and Assignees The Partner may not assign or transfer any part of this Agreement without Liaison 's prior written consent, which will not be unreasonably withheld.

Rights of Third Parties Only the parties to this Agreement have the right to enforce its terms, excluding any third parties, under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 or otherwise.

Non-waiver of Rights Failure by either party to enforce any part of this Agreement at any time does not waive their right to later enforce the same or any other part of this Agreement.

No Bribery Both parties must comply with the Bribery Act 2010 during negotiations and in the execution of their obligations under this Agreement, ensuring no breaches occur.

Severability If any provision of this Agreement is deemed illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, it will be considered severable from the remaining provisions, which will continue to be valid and enforceable.

Entire Agreement This Agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties concerning its subject matter, superseding any prior agreements or understandings, written or oral. No representations outside of this Agreement are binding unless fraudulently made.

Settling Disputes, Governing Law, and Courts This Agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England. The parties agree to submit exclusively to the jurisdiction of the English courts for resolving any disputes arising from this Agreement.

8. Survival

Certain terms of our agreement will remain effective even after our business relationship concludes.

Sections 2 (Gift Cards) and 5 (Online Community) will persist beyond the termination of these Additional Point of Sale Terms, along with any other provisions specified in Section 12 of the General Terms.

Last updated: May 1, 2024